Best Floating Desks For Small Spaces

Having a home-based workspace is important, but finding enough floorspace can be a sacrifice that some people aren’t willing to commit to. Thankfully, wall mounted desks provide an easy solution to this problem. Like the name implies, these desks don’t rely on legs to keep them upright, but rather are mounted directly into the wall to make them space efficient. The perfect solution for small rooms, bedrooms, dorm rooms and more, wall mounted desks are artistic, functional, and a perfect way to make your workspace do more.
There are dozens of models of wall mounted desks to choose from, but some designs are clearly superior to others. Below are eight top designs of wall mounted desks that will give you the workspace you need without taking up too much room or compromising on your décor theme.

Top 7 Best Wall Mounted Floating Desks

Wall Mounted Designer Floating Desk in Washed Ebony
Make the most of your workspace with this space-efficient floating desk from Prepac. Simple to install on the wall of any home office, kitchen, bedroom or living room, this desk provides the perfect space to work on a computer or get some writing done. The included rear door flips up to provide an ideal secret storage space for any small items you need to tuck away. Best of all, this design is simple to install on any wall, which only minimal assembly required. Built in Canada with laminated composite wood, this desk comes with a five-year warranty.

Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage in Espresso

Keep your home office looking cute and clutter free by relying on this stylish and functional floating desk from Prepac. The large work space is ideal for laptops, and side compartments and top shelve ensure you have plenty of space for getting everything done. Included with this desk is the innovative Prepac metal hanging rail system, meaning that you won’t have to worry about how the desk gets installed. Completely manufactured in Canada with CARB-compliant laminated wood, this desk ships ready to assemble and comes with a complete instruction booklet and five-year warranty.

Prepac Kurv Floating Desk, White

Your work space will look fresh and modern with this cute wall mounted floating desk from Prepac. Soft contours give it an elegant appearance, meaning you’ll be thrilled to install it in any room of your house. The light design is easy to hang on any wall, and the narrow frame prevents it from taking up too much space. The Prepac innovative cleat system ensures the desk stays right on your wall, meaning that you’ll never need to worry about your precious electronics crashing down. For those that need their desks to look as stylish as they are functional, Prepac’s Kurv design is the perfect choice for you.

Prepac Floating Desk with Storage and Keyboard Tray, Espresso

Looking for a traditionally styled desk that takes up less floor space? The Sonoma model floating desk from Prepac is the perfect option for any home. Designed specifically to be the perfect desk for those that crave modern function in traditional design, this desk features plenty of shelve space for storing books, pictures and knick-knacks, making it perfect for just about any project. Installation is far from stressful because the design is constructed with Prepac’s innovative metal hanging rail system that allows the entire desk, plus 100 pounds, to be supported. Completely built in Canada, the desk comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Home Office Desk Workstation with 1 Drawer and 2 Open Compartments

Keep your room looking clean and unobtrusive to the rest of your home with this space-saving desk set up that’s perfectly designed for a small home office. Cute and classy in any room, this desk comes with a drawer and two open compartments to increase your storage space. This desk is fixed directly to the wall with fasteners to help you choose the ideal height for your needs. Because it’s simple to mount at any height, this desk is also perfect in children’s bedrooms. With a weight capacity of 80 pounds, even the heaviest textbooks and computers are safe on this home office workstation.

Prepac Sonoma Floating Desk, Espresso

Keep your home as the height of style no matter your floor space with this beautiful traditional floating desk design. Its asymmetrical layout is enough to make anyone look twice, meaning that it works as a stylish focal point as well as a desk. Prepac’s innovative metal rail hanging system ensures that the desk floats off the floor without compromising security, and a hidden wire management system makes it easy to mount the desk anywhere that you want it. Featuring a roll out keyboard tray, this sturdy yet lightweight design is perfect for any bedroom or home office space where a desktop computer is needed.

Southern Enterprises Fold-Out Convertible Desk – Walnut

For the times when you want a desk but can’t commit to keeping it set up all the time, this fold-out desk from Southern Enterprises in the answer you’ve been seeking. This walnut-crafted desk folds directly into the wall and folds down when needed to create an ideal workspace with room for a laptop and other supplies with two adjustable shelves, corkboard and bill organizers. Its small size and unassuming shape makes it perfect for small rooms or dorm rooms, and when unfolded it can support up to 20 pounds. No assembly is required to set up this desk.

Wooden Mallet Wall Desk/Laptop Workstation, Mahogany

A small room is never an excuse to compromise on desk space, and thanks to this fold-way workstation from Wooden Mallet, you’ll never have to. When not in use, this desk can be folded directly into the wall, keeping it out of the way and maximizing your floor space. Beautifully contoured and completely durable, this design is covered with laminate for easy cleaning. An extra strong magnet enclosure keeps the desk shut when not in use, and the strong design can support up to 20 pounds. Available in oak and mahogany finishes, this desk is the perfect solution for small spaces.


Choosing the Perfect Wall-Mounted Floating Desk

Not every one of us is lucky enough to live in a place with spacious rooms that can accommodate full-sized desks. Living in an apartment or dorm room with limited floor space will require you to be a little more creative and ingenious when choosing the necessary furniture to furnish your space. Good thing there are plenty of space-saving furniture like floating desks available in the market right now.

Students and young professionals who work from home will find wall-mounted desks a comfortable space to work or study on while still having plenty of space left in their rooms to do other things. What more, they also lend a clean and stylish look to your room given their sleek and minimalist designs. Find out how you can find the perfect floating desk for you with our buying guide.

What are  Floating Desks?

Wall-mounted floating desks are pretty much what the name implies. They are a type of desk that are attached by screws directly to a wall. Having no legs, this desk can give you a surface to work on without having to sacrifice leg space. Dormers know that rooms at residential halls are cramped. So, a desk that saves floor space is a great addition. What more, a floating wall mounted desk gives the illusion of more space in an otherwise small room.

There plenty of DIYs on the Internet. But we recommend that you stick with ready-made ones instead as making one from scratch might be more costly and time-consuming.

What to Look For

Before you buy a floating desk, take these things into consideration first.


Wall-mounted floating desks come in a range of prices. Some even go as low $30 while some go for up to $1,000. The price of a floating desk will depend on its material, size and design. Since, students and even young professionals can’t really splurge on a thousand-dollar desk, we recommend that you shop around the $100 to the $200 range. While $30 would seem like a good deal, you should also remember that a product’s price tag is usually telling of its quality as well. Besides, investing on a good desk may just be the thing you need to make studying or working more comfortable and efficient.

Weight Support

List down all of the things that you’re planning to put on your floating desk and make an estimate of their overall weight. You should get a desk that can support the collective weight of your laptop, books or printer. You can know how much weight a desk can safely carry by looking at its weight support.


Before choosing a desk, survey your room first and check how much space you can allot for a desk. Measure how much space you can take from a wall forward without the desk obstructing your usual activities. We advise that you look for a desk that extends longer on the sides rather forwards. There are also foldable floating desks which are great for really small spaces.


You’ll be pleased to know that wall-mounted desks come in many stylish and functional designs. They come as simple as a single slab of wood just enough to accommodate your laptop and a lamp and as complex as desks with attached compartments which serve as shelves. Some designs even come with drawers which is great if storage is a priority for you. However, most wall-mounted floating desks conform to a minimalist style which appropriately fits its purpose. Assess your needs first before deciding on a particular design.

Keep these factors in mind when you go out shopping for your first floating wall mounted desk to help you pick one that will fit your needs and space.

Installing a  Floating Desk

Most desks you’ll find in stores will require you to do bit of assembly and installation. To attach your newly-bought desk to your wall, you’ll need the following tools at hand: a measuring tape, screws, a stud finder, a power drill and a screwdriver.

The desk you’ll end up buying will most likely come with a set of instructions on how to install it to your wall. Still, here are some helpful instructions so you can prepare yourself and maybe even ask someone else if you find the task too overwhelming.

  1. Start by measuring the area you intend to install your new desk on. Make sure that the space is enough to accommodate the measurements of your desk.
  2. This is the time when you should determine the how high or low you want your desk to be as well. You should also make sure that you’re installing your floating desk near electric outlets for convenient charging.
  3. Using a stud finder, locate where the studs would be on the wall and mark them with a pencil.
  4. Drill holes on the marks you made earlier.
  5. Put the brackets to their corresponding holes and make sure that they fit.
  6. Your desk is halfway done to being installed. Do the same marking and drilling steps on the brackets that will be supporting the desk from beneath.
  7. Finally, once the securing mechanisms are in place, you can slide in the desktop onto the wall—mounted brackets. Ask someone to help you push the desk against the wall. Screw in the last screws beneath that will penetrate the desk itself. These screws will secure the desk in place.
  8. Test if your desk is indeed secure.
  9. Place your books, laptop and desk lamps on the desk and start working. You  desk is finally installed!

If you’re still confused about the installation process, you can check out instructional videos on Youtube like this one from Shelfology:

Save up some precious dorm room or bedroom space by installing a wall-mounted desk in your room. Use our guide to help you decide which desk will work best for your needs, budget and design preference.